Williamsburg Custis Pendant, Style #BN336
* Made in USA *
Modern Brass Williamsburg Custis Pendant With Revolutionary Storm Fabric Shade with William of Orange Lining
From our catalog:


3 - 100W Max.
Bulb Type: A
Direct Wire
Modern Brass Finish
Lead Crystal Finial
Revolutionary Storm Fabric Shade w/ William of Orange Lining
13.25" Modern Metal Diffuser
Susp. Hardware: 1 pc. 5/8” x 6” &
3 pcs. 5/8” x 12” Extensions

BN328 - Ink Blue/Carter Gray Lining
BN329 - Carter Gray/Ink Blue Lining
BN330 - Mayo Teal/Carter Gray Lining
BN331 - Carter Gray/Mayo Teal Lining
BN332 - Parrot Green/Revolutionary Storm Lining
BN333 - Revolutionary Storm/Parrot Green Lining
BN334 - Greenhow Grape/Ludwell Lilac Lining
BN335 - Ludwell Lilac/Greenhow Grape Lining
BN337 - William of Orange/Revolutionary Storm Lining
BN338 - Richmond Red/Blacksmith Black Lining
BN339 - Blacksmith Black/Richmond Red Lining
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